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    SMSBandit is a high performance, reliable, low cost bulk text messaging platform.

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    SMS produces
    engagement rates
    6 to 8 times
    higher than email
    Source: Cellit
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    Text messages
    are read on average within 5 seconds
    Source: Frost & Sullivan
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    Compared to 22% of emails, 29% of tweets & 5% of Facebook posts
    Source: Frost & Sullivan
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    1 Person
    Has walked in to a bear whilst texting
    Source: Youtube

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Mobile Phone Text Message

Of text messages get read compared to 22% of emails

Of people have stated that they WANT to receive offers via SMS

That is just the tip of the iceberg!

There are lots of reasons why SMS is emerging as the 'go to' advertising medium for businesses

Your Marketing!

Platforms like Facebook and Google are all well and good and a lot of businesses have made a lot of money advertising there.

What happens when the cost increases or these giant companies start changing the rules? You are left high and dry, that's what!

With text marketing YOU are in control. You own the data and the cost rarely changes. It will decrease if anything. Plus you are advertisng to the most responsive audience, your existing customers!

In addition to this because businesses often overlook SMS it is not as saturated as other mediums and we are currently still seeing a huge response rate.

90 of people on SMS enabled loyalty programmes feel that they have benefitied from the service are would be interested in receiving further communications.

Source - Source: Zoomerang

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