5 Ways to measure the success of your SMS Marketing Campaign

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So you have completed your text marketing campaign and send thousands of texts to your loyal band of customers. Now it is time to analyse their responses and determine whether your efforts have been rewarded with more business, more customers and a wider knowledge of your products and services. Remember 97% of all texts are opened and read, so you are dealing with almost all of the people that you texted. Below are five ways you can analyse the success of your SMS campaign.

What you need

In order to monitor traffic to your website, social media pages and opt outs it is important that you arm yourself with analytics software, which can monitor things such as click rates and traffic to the opt out shortcode. Google analytics is one of the most popular and most recognised services.

Subscriber Growth

After your campaign, check all your statistics for the number of people which joined your website, social media groups and any other associated media platforms of which you use. This should be done on a week by week basis. Compare how these figures changed in the period just before an SMS was sent and just after. A sharp rise in subscriber rates or “likes” just after an SMS was sent could indicate it was well received by your customers and that your business is being recommended to family and friends.

Opt out rate (churn rate)

You should also analyse the number of people who opted out of your campaign. This is very important as it may have an effect on future campaigns. It can also tell you what type of texts, offers or discounts worked on your audience and which did not. It may also indicate how popular your products and services are and how they could be improved. A successful SMS marketing campaign would only have a 2-3% opt out rate. If it is significantly higher than this then it is worth analysing why.

Cross Channel Engagement

This is the measurement of media locations where your product or offer was engaged with. Was it through your website, social media or even by phone? Which of these performed the best and how will this influence your future strategy. How are your customers engaging with eachother about your business and is this helping to spread the word of the brand?

Redemption Rate

redemption rate

How many of your customers actually took up your offer and responded to the text? This is a very good indicator of the success of your campaign. Where they queuing out the door to redeem an offer or discount or was business about the same after sending the texts?

A good redemption rate will often mean a boost in sales and this will also be reflected in your profit margins. If you posted a link to your website you can also analyse how many people visited it through the SMS text you sent them.

Bounce Rate

bouce rate

This is something which is not often thought of but could indicate how highly customers value your campaign. Bounced texts are ones which do not get through to the intended number or the “number is not recognised.” This could mean that the recipient has changed their number since you obtained their consent, or they simply gave you a false number. It is more likely to be the former. A low bounce rate indicates that the users are willing to “take your campaign with them” to their new phones. If they do not bother to change their numbers in subscriptions it could indicate they were not bothered about your messages and could have opted out anyway.

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Back in 2009, an article about text message marketing in the New York Times opened with these lines:

“Mobile text messaging, the same 160-character dispatches first popularized by nimble-fingered teenagers, may be the closest thing in the information-overloaded digital marketing world to a guaranteed read.”

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