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So, you want to start an SMS marketing campaign for your business and have even taken the trouble to gain consent from your customers in order to send them some promotional content. You have also (hopefully) read our other article about creating a simple message, so you have some idea about how to do that. There are plenty of other ways in which you can engage with your customers effectively.

Assess your Customers

Get consent - opt in data

One of the best ways of defining which method is more likely to get a positive reaction from your audience is to look at the information they have given you.

  • What demographic are they?
  • How often do they use your services?
  • What kind of message is likely to garner a response?
  • Are they likely to own a smart phone?

The answer to the last one is most likely to be yes, as over 70% of the UK population now own a smart phone. If you are unsure it may be worth asking this question when initially gathering information about your customers when they give you their consent.

What to include

As touched on in my other article the content must:

  • Identify the sender
  • Include an opt out clause

It is also advisable to include:

  • An attention grabber
  • A call to action
  • Clear information about the offer
Person receiving a text message

This can all come together in many forms. Following are 5 different formats you can use via SMS. There are pros and cons for each and it is up to you, after your research, to decide the best way to engage with your customers.

5 formats to consider using

1. Simple 160 character message

A simple SMS 160 character text message which includes all of the above is an effective way in which you can engage quickly with your audience.

Pros: Guaranteed to reach your targets even if they do not have a smart phone. It can be an efficient way of communicating a new promotion very quickly. Cheap to do.

Cons: Could be considered boring or lead to opt outs if sent too often.

2. A competition

Pros: Running a competition is an effective way of compiling customer lists and retaining their interest in a brand.

Cons: People not guaranteed to enter.

3. MMS Marketing message

This is content which contains a picture or video:

Pros: Highly effective as these can be shared on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter and be seen by people who were not even on your lists! Can include logos and branding which make the customer more associated with the products and services you provide. No limitation to 160 characters.

MMS Messaging Icon

Cons: Expensive to produce, but not always compatible with all smart phones.

4. A non-selling text

This could be a confirmation for an appointment, order or payment.

Pros: A great way of connecting with your customer and providing excellent customer service, without the intrusion of a call. Useful to customer in that they have a record of their dealings with the company.

Cons: Could be deemed unnecessary to some people. These do not guarantee instant sales.

Picture of person texting

5. A Poll

A poll: Asking loyal customers their opinion on a subject related to your business, such as a new product or service.

Pros: This can promote debate amongst friends and help create interest around a new product or service. It enables loyal customers to express their opinions and for you to respond accordingly.

Cons: Those who have no interest in taking part in the discussion may decide to opt out.

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