5 SMS Marketing Tips

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Running a successful SMS Marketing campaign is easy if you have a clear indication of who you want to target, define your goals and write good clear copy. Here are our five top tips for running a successful SMS marketing campaign.

Get Consent

Get consent - opt in data

It is very important for legal reasons to make sure you have received the customer’s consent to send and receive your marketing SMS campaign. This could be in the form of a checkbox, when joining your website, or through face to face dialogue with customer service, if applicable. The message must also include an option to opt out of the campaign, usually in the form of a shortcode “STOP” function, which enables them to reply with this word to cease any more interaction. Failure to gain consent is against the law and may damage your company’s reputation. It is also against the law to carry on messaging somebody who has chosen to opt out.

Know your market

Market Research

Research all the people who have given their information and consent to your marketing messages. Build a profile of your typical customer, their needs, likes, dislikes and potential for conducting further business. Use this information in order to outline what information you want to convey to your market and consider how they are most likely to respond. Try to find patterns in the research. Are the majority of your customers old or young, Male or Female, local, nationwide or worldwide? When was the last time they purchased something, if so what and how much? By analysing their purchase history it will become easy to tell them that their favourite product is half price this week and may well evoke a positive response. The results of your analysis will govern the style, nature and aims of your content.

Define your goals

Once you have established the nature of your target market, you have to work out what you want to achieve through the content. Do you want them to enter a competition in order to generate more names and numbers? Do you want to make them aware of a sale in your business and some of the bargains that are on offer? Have you just started the business and want people to become more aware of the services you provide?

Work out when the best time to send the content would be to maximise response and business. Let’s say you are a bar that wishes to promote some drinks offers. It may be wise to send these out on a Thursday or Friday in readiness for the weekend, instead of a Monday. Secondly assess the regularity in which you wish to send your content. Every day for most would be too much, but once a month too infrequent. Judge your market and the level of competition in your sector.

Once you have established your target audience and the aims of your campaign it is time to write the content of your text message.

Write strong copy

Strong sales copywriting

Remember, you only have 160 characters to play with, so keep it short, concise and to the point. Ensure that the message conveys exactly what you require it to and work out what you want the recipients to do with the information? Do you want them to reply to the text, come into your store, access your website, or simply keep for a later date? Whatever the content it must be relevant to your target market and the ways of responding must fit their demographic. If it is an older audience for example, give them the option of calling, emailing or even posting a response if this is their preferred option. Younger audiences may prefer to reply by shortcode or use social media to access your services.

Test, learn and test again!

Happy customers

Remember 98% of all text messages are opened and read every day. Did your text have the desired effect? Analyse who responded, conducted further business and why. How many people chose to opt out and how many new customers did you manage to gain for next time?

If many people chose to opt out it may be worth re-considering the content of the texts and re-modelling it to fit better with your market’s needs and expectations. If it had a positive reaction then well done, but there is always room for improvement by keeping your content fresh. If you keep sending your target market the same content they will soon get bored and the opt-outs may start to flood in.

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