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One thing we know about SMS marketing messages is that they are read by nearly 100% of recipients. Unless they blast you with an “opt out” there is no real way of you telling how your customers feel about receiving your content. There is however evidence to suggest that many customers actually like receiving these kinds of messages on their phones, more than any other method, such as email, phone call or snail mail.

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The rules brought in to regulate the industry mean that you have a more ready, attentive and happier customer base, who have given their consent to receive your messages. By giving power to the customer by letting them decide whether they wish to accept or decline what SMS they receive it; means that they are not constantly inundated with unwanted spam mail (unless they choose to be) and so receiving marketing on their phone is not so much of an annoyance as it once was.

Secondly, everybody loves a bargain and messages which indicate that they stand to save money on a product are always welcome!

There have been a few surveys conducted on customers which have tried to gauge the reaction of customers receiving these messages.

One conducted by one SMS American company, Autosend” found that through asking 291 phone users their opinions on receiving marketing messages.

In the survey, 74% said they received them regularly, while 50% indicated they wouldn’t mind if their selected businesses sent them content up to five times a week. Thirdly 21% of those surveyed said they didn’t mind how many texts they received so long as they were helpful and beneficial in some way.

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In a more worldwide survey conducted by leading media communications company, Mblox, 1500 people from eight countries, including the UK, were asked about their attitudes towards SMS marketing. In total, 59% of respondents said they preferred SMS marketing out of any form of communication, including email, phone and post. This survey also indicated that 80% of respondents would happily download an app from a company and give their consent to marketing content and their location.

UK consumers are the most likely to receive marketing messages with 84% of respondents from the Islands stating that they had opened one. More than half of those surveyed across the world said they would send a reply to a business if it was to enter a competition.

Another interesting survey run by Bristol-based consumer community, also reveals customer attitudes to marketing texts.

When 1,368 people were asked about trust an overwhelming 92% of respondents replied that it was very important to have a way of opting out of messages. Interestingly, 79% also indicated that they were more likely to trust a company who included this escape route in their messages.

This survey also highlighted other ways in which SMS messaging can be used in order to improve its service to customers. Eighty four percent of people surveyed thought it was a good idea to use SMS for things like order confirmations, bookings and appointments.

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So what does all this mean for you and your business?

Firstly- do not fear, SMS marketing is no longer the great Satan it was once perceived to be.

Secondly, functional texts which help someone use their services or will benefit the consumer financially are most welcomed.

Thirdly if a customer feels strongly about your business and has a genuine interest in your products they do not mind you texting them more than once a week.

An important way of building trust with your customers is to include a clear “opt out” clause at the end of the message.

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SMS marketing messages can be used as part of your customer care and communication strategy thus becoming an integral part of your services.

Last but not least, SMS is the most popular method of communication for marketing messages! When it boils down to it SMS texting is less intrusive, more likely to be read and acted on, plus it reaches people who want to receive them and have an interest in your products and services. Great news indeed for small businesses!

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