Why SMS Marketing Rocks!

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Short, sweet, efficient, personal and flexible - there are many benefits to using SMS marketing for increasing customers to your business. From a general reminder of an offer, to the promotion or complete re-branding of your products and services, the SMS text is a powerful tool to attract new business and ensure that the existing ones keep coming back for more.

A Powerful & Versatile Selling Tool For Your Business

One of the best things about SMS marketing is that its delivery is personal and instant. The message takes just seven seconds to transmit from sender to receiver and has a high “open rate,” meaning that it is the most likely out of any format to be read and consumed immediately. The recipient, in line with marketing laws also has the opportunity to “opt in” or out of a text marketing campaign, meaning that this automatically filters out those customers who are simply not interested in conducting business; allowing you to concentrate on the ones that do. The ability to forward texts allows customers, who may know someone that could be interested in your products, to help spread the word, without you having to do anything. Group or bulk texts can be sent easily and tracked to the mobile numbers using delivery reports, allowing you to keep track of the most responsive customers.

The content of a text message is shorter, straight to the point and offers increased flexibility in the messages you are trying to convey. Whether it is a sale offer, discount, or competition you are running, the SMS is the most convenient and effective way in which to gather entrants, plus ultimately spread word of your services more quickly.

The fact that only 160 characters are available in your average SMS means that the content has to be straight to the point, but this in itself is advantageous for businesses, in that they are easy to create and less of an intrusion on customers.

In an environmentally conscious age, text messaging is a greener way of communicating than by post and these messages can be stored for future or repeated use. There are also several advantages of using SMS texts as a means of communication, rather than other forms, such as email, telephone or old fashioned snail mail.

SMS vs E-mail

SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing

There are several advantages to using text marketing, than the tried and trusted email format. Firstly your content is much more likely to be received and opened by your customers because of its instantaneous nature and conciseness. Only 44% of emails are actually opened and read on a mobile device, compared to 98% of SMS messages. Texts can be read in an average of five seconds and have a greater click-through rate of 19% compared with just 4% through emails.

The sheer volume of emails received in one day by a person far outweighs the number of texts received over the same period. Emails have to go through several filters before they reach their inbox, and even then will probably end up in the junk mail folder, unread and deleted automatically.

SMS texts have no filters and will appear in the recipient’s inbox instantly. The average person checks their mobile phone 150 times per day, compared to maybe the lucky chance of them logging into their email account at the same time as you send your message.

The next generation has all but abandoned email for more flexible formats, such as SMS and social media. Therefore if your products are primarily aimed at a teenage market it would be well worth considering this trend.

SMS vs Fax

SMS Marketing vs Fax

Let’s face it, not many people use fax machines any more. Those that do are usually in large offices, meaning they are not transportable and the messages are not personal because they could be picked up and read by anyone. Furthermore the cost of sending a fax is far higher than SMS and takes longer to create. It is not too kind on the environment either.

SMS vs Phone calls

Nobody likes cold-callers and the time and money spent employing somebody to personally call your customers and sell your products is a far more inefficient process than simply texting them. SMS messages are far less intrusive with an option for the customer to opt in or out and reply at their convenience. No hard sell required. Furthermore, one bad phone call and you could lose that customer forever - and their friends.

SMS Marketing vs The Royal Mail

SMS Marketing vs Royal Mail

It goes without saying that the cost of putting a second class stamp on each letter, combined with the effort in which it takes to stuff envelopes and gather addresses are costly, time consuming and old-fashioned. The letter may get lost in the post, be eaten by the dog, or simply ignored by the recipient, especially if it is evident that the letter is of a marketing nature. Post response times are also far slower and “snail mail” is all but completely abandoned by the younger generation. SMS marketing is more instant, flexible and easier to send with no interruption and a much higher conversion rate.

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